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Peace Corps Cambodia Celebrates International Education Week

on Mon, 11/16/2015 - 08:01


PCV Roger Armendariz noticed that female students in his classes were very shy and afraid to speak up, even when they knew the answers. After attending Camp HOPE, which focuses on leadership, volunteerism and gender equality, and where campers witnessed a presentation by the Women Resource Center, some of his female students began slightly more vocal in class. As a result, other girls in the classroom also began to show initiative. To encourage this ripple effect, Roger and his Counterpart now make sure to encourage participation by female students in class. Way to Let Girls Learn! Read more about Roger 's project.



60 high school girls attended Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) in Banteay Meanchey province where they learned about community service projects. After returning to their communities, one group of girls taught the younger primary school students about hygiene and the environment and organized a school clean up. Read more about Michael Blodgett's project.



PCV Andrea Edman and her Counterpart Sem Tola tried a new format for final exams in one of their English classes this year. Instead of the usual paper exam, students worked together in small groups to prepare group presentations focused on a chapter from their English for Cambodia text book. The project was a huge success and the groups were very creating. After the experience the students said they really enjoyed the project and all felt more confident in their abilities to speak English is front of a group. Read more about Andrea's project.



PCV Shreya Sharma has inspired four of her female students to give back to their community. They have taken over her class for students aged 5-12 and even create their own lesson plans and give exams. They love teaching English to the kids and realize the importance of helping others and improving their community. Her students tell her, “to improve our community, we need educated youth; we are helping to do that!”. Read morea bout Shreya's project.



PCV Jessica Bedard works closely with Village Health Volunteers (VHVs) in her community to do outreach in remote areas and do education on common health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure and diarrhea. Working together with Peace Corps Volunteers, VHVs improve their confidence and skills in sharing these important messages in their community.  Read more about Jessica's project.




  • CAPITAL CITY – Phnom Penh
  • LARGEST CITY – Phnom Penh
  • AREA (KM2) – 181,035 km2
  • POPULATION – 14,805,358
  • GDP – $33.463 billion
  • CURRENCY – Riel (KHR)